Top 8 Budget-Friendly Wedding Tips

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive.  My husband and I got married a little over a year ago, and while it was the best day of our lives, it was definitely a day with a hefty price tag. I’ve rounded up 8 money-saving wedding saving tips that your wedding planner or coordinator might have kept secret.

8. Check if there’s a food and beverage minimum.  

Many venues will charge a food and beverage minimum if you are required to use their caterer. Ask them what the food and beverage minimum is for your selected date. More info on this below..


7. Get married on Friday or Sunday.

With #8 being said, get married on a Friday or Sunday. This is one my friend, CaraMarie (shout out to my girl!) shared with me, who works in event planning. At major venues, Friday and Sunday are much cheaper for the event rental fee and usually have lower food and beverage minimums. Sundays are especially great if there’s a government holiday. Everyone will have a day to recover.

6. Shop small. 

If you don’t want fluffy or shiny flower girl dresses, check Etsy. They have a beautiful selection with adorable dresses starting at only $30! Etsy also has amazing calligraphers for place cards and wedding invitations. Etsy is a great way to shop small in the sometimes big, bad wedding industry.


5. Honeymoon funds > gift registries

If you love to travel as much as we do, set up a honeymoon fund instead of registering anywhere. While I loved having a bridal shower and getting gifts, I would have most definitely preferred cash or our honeymoon completely paid for. Life is always changing. A year ago, we were living in a one bedroom in a high-rise condo and now we are living in a house with a yard. Travel memories never go out of style or clutter your kitchen cabinets. Honeyfund is great one that’s easy to navigate.


4. Scope out sample sales for your wedding dress.

Don’t be afraid of bridal sample sale shops. I was hesitant at first, but my sister and I purchased stunning designer gowns for a fraction of the cost at Glamour Closet. There are three locations: Chicago, New York, and LA. I got a Carolina Herrera dress for a third of the cost AND my sister recently purchased a stunning Oscar de La Renta dress for half price. (Mine is pictured below!)

3. Don’t pay for head table floral décor.

Did you know that florists can give you vases for your bridemaids’ bouquets at no additional charge? Ask your venue to put them on the head table and voula…head table decorations!

2. You can stop bar service during the speeches and first dances.

Our event coordinator never told us this, but after doing some online research myself, this tip helped us save some cash. We saved a half hour of open bar for 150 people. Cha-ching! Beyond that, it was nice having the attention of everyone for those special speeches.


1. Use an EASY budgeting platform.  

Write all of your expenses down and stick to the budget. Don’t let the finances way you down. I love Wedding Appy. The website and app have a budgeting tool, directly connected to Google Sheets. It helps you plug in your budget in no time at all. (Hello, peace of mind!) This exciting time is special. Take in the moment and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for stopping by! xo Amy