Top 8 Barre Tips for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to try a Barre class but always been a little nervous about the idea of using a ballet barre to workout?  I remember walking into my first class and felt a little unprepared, so I’m here to HELP! After reading this post, you will confident and excited to try this famous body-toning workout.  Barre has become one of my favorite ways to gain muscle tone and relieve stress, not to mention, the class flies by because it’s so much fun.  Barre is a ballet-inspired workout that combines moves literally at a ballet barre, core and seatwork on the floor, and various other upper body strengthening exercises using light weights.  Below, I’ve rounded up 8 tips I wish I would have known entering my first barre class. 


8. Find a studio that has received positive feedback.

Barre studios are all over and not all of them are same. The atmosphere and teaching style varies from studio to studio. Local studios are usually my favorite, but my go-to nationwide chain is Purre Barre. They even offer a free week!


7. Yes, those sock with the bumps on the bottom do make a difference.

You can order them here. They are non-slip and help you not fall out of your core work on the slippery mat. They are super comfy too.



6. Show up early.

Allow yourself at least ten minutes to check in the first time and gather equipment such as weights or exercise balls and get a spot. Ask the instructor what equipment you should grab for class.



5. Stay for the whole class.

This may sound silly, but I can’t tell you how many people duck out two minutes before class ends. You’ve carved out the hour, stay for the whole hour. You deserve this time!

4.  This is not a cardio class.

In a traditional Barre class, you will raise your heart rate, but might not leave sweaty.  In Barre classes, you work small muscles you never knew you had! (I promise you’ll discover them via-soreness the next day. :))



3.  Don’t grab the heaviest weights possible. 

You may do fifty reps of the same exercise with weights, so you will want to grab a few sets of light weights your first class.  For example, a 2-pound set and a 3-pound set. You can always up your game the next class.



2.  Stand in the middle of the barre if possible. 

Many exercises will be facing each side of the room or facing the barre, so it’s helpful your first class to be able to watch the people near by at your first class.



1.  Smile and breathe. 

It will help ease the nerves and give you a better workout!



I know you’re going to have an amazing time at your first class. Comment below to let you know how it goes! If you’re a barre pro, I would love to hear any pro-tips you have to offer. Comment below in the “comments” section.



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