Unique White Elephant Gifts Under $20

If you’re in a panic because your office holiday party is next week and you don’t have a White Elephant gift, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up 8 unique gifts all under $20 you can order in your jammies from home!  (This page contains Affiliate Links.)


8. A Sriracha 2 Go keychain is essential for those people who need Sriracha on everything at every restaurant. 




7. For all my fellow ’90s lovers out there, this Cards Against Humanity add-on pack  will have you singing lyrics you didn’t know you still remembered and craving Captain Crunch.  You could even bundle it with the original game if it suits your work crowd.


6. Cozy “If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine” socks are a safe, light-hearted gift. There’s always a wine-lover at every party and the gift box is adorable. Amazon also carries the “beer” version.

5.  This Life Hacks Calendar  will spice up your desk at work in a flash. Each day includes a helpful tip to mastering a real world situation like perfectly reheating pizza or preventing your soda can from exploding. (Tapping the top actually isn’t the best way! Who would have known?!)




4.  This adorable desk cell phone holder also doubles as a pencil organizer. AND it’s in the shape of the elephant.



3.  The Predict-A-Pen  is like a Magic 8 Ball, but you can have fun with it at work without pulling a small bowling ball out of your desk!



2. This Wine Vacuum  is the classiest gift on the list. I recommend buying this genius invention for the gift exchange and for yourself. This set includes the vacuum, 4 stoppers, and a corkscrew all for less than twenty bucks. It saves so much wine that would be wasted! Save water, drink wine. 


1. The Awkward Family Photos Calendar is always a hit.  These 12 incredibly ridiculous family photos can make any guy or gal, young or old crack up. Or at least crack a smile.


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