8 Gifts Your Child’s Teacher Will Love

Working as a teacher by day, I’ve been fortunate to receive some very thoughtful, useful, gifts from my students. While many people think teachers don’t need anything for our classrooms after the first week of school, it’s quite the opposite! If you are a teacher lucky enough to receive a classroom budget, you have usually gone through your supply budget by October.  Below I round up my Top 8 Gifts Your Child’s Teacher Will Love that are perfect for the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Week, or the End of the Year.

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8. A Year-Round Sticker Pack

This pack of 1,300 stickers has something for every teacher! Kids love stickers on their star work or incentive charts. Teachers will love you because they will have a fresh stash of rewards for their students!


7. Writing Utensils

Teachers of all ages use writing utensils on a daily basis, so we go through them quickly! Your teacher will light up with this beautiful set of Sharpies that are excellent for grading papers, creating posters, or labeling everything in the classroom. (I know I just called Sharpies beautiful but honestly they are EVERYTHING.) Other favorites include: Mr. Sketch Scented Markers, Ink Joy Pens, and Flair Pens.


6. A Cozy Candle

These Homesick Candles are unique because each one smells like your home state! They are especially personable for teachers who moved to a new state for a teaching job (which is very common!) or anyone who has home state pride! You can’t go wrong with Yankee Candles either. While teachers aren’t allowed to have candles at school, taking a candle home warms up my home every year.

                                                                                   Indiana is my home state:)

5. A Colorful Water Bottle

Teachers talk all day so we need water. Constantly. This is my favorite water bottle that I use at school and at the gym. It’s BPA free and comes in ten bright colors.


4. A Gift Card

Gift cards are tough to beat because you they can be personalized! One of the best gifts a teacher friend of mine received was a gift card to her favorite nail shop by her house. The family took the time to reach out to her husband and see where she loved to get a manicure! Talk about thoughtful! Self-care is challenging  for teachers so any gift card that will make their day easier is appreciated!

3. A Homemade Gift

Homemade gifts are fun for your child to make and amazing for any teacher to receive. Every time your child’s teacher looks at the gift, they will think of your family and the special moments they shared with your child in the classroom! This Homemade Sled Ornament from The Craft Patch is EASY to make and includes a spot to put your child’s photo. I also love this Homemade Crayon Candy Dish, and these adorable DIY Dinosaur Bookends.



2. A Handwritten Letter or Card

When a child takes the time put their feelings on paper, it’s a magical experience. All teachers have a place where we keep notes we’ve received over the years that pick us up on rough days. Just last week, when I was struggling to keep my cool at the end of the day, I opened a card from a student from two years ago. It brought tears to my eyes because she was such an inspiration to teach and her note was heartfelt.



1. A Book for the Classroom Library

Classroom library books are a timeless gift a teacher will never forget. Select a book that is special to your child and have them write a little note in the front cover with the year. You will light up the teacher’s heart every time it’s read to the class.

From all of us teachers, thank YOU for all you do for your children and know we do not expect gifts. It is a true gift working with children every day!


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xo Amy



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